Company Overview

aboutAt Stonehurst Industries, we don't just manufacture corrugated containers, displays, foam packaging and wood products. We offer flexible, responsive service, the most value for your money, and integrated packaging solutions – custom-made to your specifications.

When you choose Stonehurst Industries, you always know you are getting state-of-the-art design and a reliable and accommodating staff that will work with your budget. We deliver:

  • Integrated solutions that make us your one-stop packaging source
  • Packaging that is tailor-made to your specifications
  • Value-added services to help you solve your toughest packaging challenges

Innovative packaging, attentive customer service, exceptional value, and excellence in product quality have been the hallmarks of Stonehurst Industries' success for more than 25 years. After all, anyone can sell you a box. Stonehurst Industries offers you the right packaging, built to your specifications and performance expectations.

Product Design and Sampling

Packaging and display design encompasses many variables in order to produce an effective and affordable solution. Shelf space, die-cuts, stocks, inks, storage, durability, and cost per unit as just a few of the considerations when designing a package or point-of-purchase display. Whether for a new product launch, a rebrand, or even if you are just looking to cut costs on your current packaging, we can produce conceptual ideas and design packaging mock-ups for testing and sampling.